Let Us be Here for Your Tenants/Residents Around the Clock

Property Management

Managing properties means wearing a lot of different hats. At Answer Kansas City, we’re all about helping you succeed in whichever hat you’re wearing this week, today or even this hour.

When the clock strikes 5:00pm, your tenants don’t stop having concerns, issues or questions. Property emergencies and urgent needs can occur at any time of the day or night. It’s expensive to enlist in-house employees at late hours and on weekends. Let Answer Kansas City do the heavy lifting for you to make sure each and every essential call gets handled properly, no matter what time of day it comes in.  

Our agents are specifically trained in the area of property management, and they understand what a true after-hours maintenance need is versus a routine request. Screening through those calls and contacting your already busy maintenance personnel only for actual needs, while still ensuring your tenants and residents that their situation will be remedied in a timely manner, is  paramount. 

Allow our professionals to handle your calls, emails, and chats 24/7 to boost the satisfaction of your tenants and residents!