Secure, Compliant & Reliable

Medical Answering Services

As a medical services provider, you know that patients don’t stop having health issues or stop needing answers just because the “normal” work day is over. You need a medical answering service that can help with those issues and answers, even when you’re asleep or gone for the weekend.

That’s where Answer Kansas City comes in. We know just how important professional communication is with patients. That’s why our 24-hour medical answering service handles all of your messaging and appointment needs as well as customer care and question-answering concerns. Our staff is specially trained on how to handle medical calls. We know what information to gather when taking a consult. We know that O.B. patients and pediatric patients have very distinctly different needs. We know about HIPAA, and our telephone agents are specifically and separately trained just on this important piece of regulation. We know that each individual provider has a life outside of work and that physicians, nurses, P.A’s, etc… all need their own individual contact instructions. We want to cater to your needs. There is no medical account too detailed or too complicated for us to handle. We take calls for small practices as well as the largest providers in our city with multiple locations and specialties.


And when we say we are a 24 hour medical answering service – we TRULY are! We never close our doors and we never run less than two telephone agents – even during the midnight hours. With a single-agent service over those late-night hours, something as common and simple as the agent running to the restroom can open your practice up to unnecessary liability exposure. With our “never less than two” policy, your calls will never go unanswered while an agent is taking care of these types of needs.

Secure Texting for HIPAA Compliance 

At Answer Kansas City we are continually striving to make our clients’ lives easier, while still staying in compliance.  While maintaining privacy is obviously important, ensuring that providers are able to receive PHI in an efficient manner is just as important!

To help with this we offer miSecure Messages.  Your providers are able to send and receive PHI securely and 100% HIPAA compliant using a texting app.  The app can be used from any smart phone, tablet/iPad or internet browser.  It is very intuitive and easy to use.  No PHI is stored on the phone.  Your providers can communicate with us, and also with each other using miSecure Messages.   

Remote Receptionist

Answer Kansas City’s remote receptionist services become an extension of your medical offices. And unlike an in-office receptionist, we’re available 24 hours a day and on any weekend or holiday. We work with you to make sure we handle all calls the way you want them handled and have answers to easy questions. The more we can take off your plate, the more you can help your patients.

Voicemail Assisted with Our Professional Telephone Agents

Allow us to provide a voicemail “prescreening” service for you and your patients. Calls ring into our voicemail system where your callers are directed to the appropriate extensions. Callers with urgent medical needs are routed to our professional live telephone agents while routine concerns are handled by voicemail. This is the most economical of our service offerings for medical offices.