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medical answering serviceAs a medical services provider, you know that patients don’t stop having health issues or stop needing answers just because the “normal” work day is over. You need a medical answering service that can help with those issues and answers, even when you’re asleep or gone for the weekend.

That’s where Answer Kansas City comes in. We know just how important professional communication is with patients. That’s why our 24-hour medical answering service handles all of your messaging and appointment needs as well as customer care and question-answering concerns. Our staff is specially trained on how to handle medical calls. We know what information to gather when taking a consult. We know that O.B. patients and pediatric patients have very distinctly different needs. We know about HIPAA, and our telephone agents are specifically and separately trained just on this important piece of regulation. We know that each individual provider has a life outside of work and that physicians, nurses, P.A’s, etc… all need their own individual contact instructions. We want to cater to your needs. There is no medical account too detailed or too complicated for us to handle. We take calls for small practices as well as the largest providers in our city with multiple locations and specialties.

And when we say we are a 24 hour medical answering service – we TRULY are! We never close our doors and we never run less than two telephone agents – even during the midnight hours. With a single-agent service over those late-night hours, something as common and simple as the agent running to the restroom can open your practice up to unnecessary liability exposure. With our “never less than two” policy, your calls will never go unanswered while an agent is taking care of these types of needs.

Appointment Management

Answer Kansas City works with your medical offices to streamline your appointment management system, or we can use our own internal system to make sure that your appointments are always correct and easily manageable. Our system makes it easy for us or you to schedule appointments, send confirmations, send reminders and provide access instantly. We can also provide appointment reminder service for your patients. Now your office staff can stay focused on assisting your patients with their medical needs, while our professional telephone agents provide excellent and reliable communications between you and your patients.

Remote Receptionist

Answer Kansas City’s remote receptionist services become an extension of your medical offices. And unlike an in-office receptionist, we’re available 24 hours a day and on any weekend or holiday. We work with you to make sure we handle all calls the way you want them handled and have answers to easy questions. The more we can take off your plate, the more you can help your patients.

Voicemail Assisted with Our Professional Telephone Agents

Allow us to provide a voicemail “prescreening” service for you and your patients. Calls ring into our voicemail system where your callers are directed to the appropriate extensions. Callers with urgent medical needs are routed to our professional live telephone agents while routine concerns are handled by voicemail. This is the most economical of our service offerings for medical offices.

Managing properties means wearing a lot of different hats. At Answer Kansas City, we’re all about helping you succeed in whichever hat you’re wearing this week, today or even this hour.

When the clock strikes 5:00pm, your tenants don’t stop having concerns, issues or questions. Property emergencies and urgent needs can occur at any time of the day or night. It’s expensive to enlist in-house employees at late hours and weekends. Let Answer Kansas City do the heavy lifting for you to make sure each and every essential call gets handled properly, no matter what time of day it comes in. And when we say we provide services 24 hours – we TRULY do. We never run less than two telephone agents – even during the midnight hours. This ensures that all calls are answered in a timely manner.

In an industry as competitive as mechanical professional services, your business can’t afford to let the calls go to voicemail after 5:00 p.m, or any time of the day. One missed potential job can cost you years of service from a new customer. In addition, there’s no predicting when your current customers will have questions and need your help. You want to make sure you can get their calls or information at any time of the day, and any day of the week. Answer Kansas City can help you rest assured that your new service calls are relayed to you immediately, and that your current clients will have access to you when they have needs, and at a fraction of the cost of hiring your own employees to handle the calls. Our telephone agents will even screen through your calls to be sure that you are not being bothered with needs that can wait until normal business hours.

No matter what service your business provides, be it HVAC, plumbing, general maintenance, water solutions, cleaning or otherwise, our answering service agents are trained and equipped to assist your callers and reassure them that their needs will be taken care of in a timely fashion. We will capture the lead on your new service calls and relay the needs of the current clients.

With so many choices available, customers aren’t going to leave a voicemail message and wait for you to call them back when they need something done right now. They’re going to choose the company that picks up the phone to come do the job. Don’t let your business be left out because no one was there to take the call. Let Answer KC and our professional telephone agents take care of you and your customers.

No matter which professional service you offer, your clients have to be able to reach you and your personnel quickly and easily. Your clients want and need to know that their needs will be attended to whenever they call – regardless of the hour. One missed call can cause an upset (and possibly lost) client. You want to make sure you can get their calls or information at any time of the day, and any day of the week. Answer Kansas City can help you rest assured that your clients’ calls are relayed to you according to your unique preferences. You cannot always be there to pick up your clients’ calls. Let Answer Kansas City take care of that daily responsibility so that you can stay focused on what you do best.

Prompt, helpful, reliable, accurate. Those are the words I use to describe Answer Kansas City.
~ Jay Gravatt, Owner, Reddi Services

I have been using your excellent services for over 20 years. I can rely on you to help my patients when my staff is not available. Thank you.
~ Dr. Curtis Meyers

My phones are always answered in one or two rings and are rarely ever put on hold. As a client of yours for over 10 years I truly appreciate everyone at Answer Kansas City.
~ Gareth Joyce, Unclaimed Assets

Answer Kansas City’s years of experience in handling all of our property emergencies has been a great relief for us.
~ Tammy Eaton, Special Projects Coordinator, Block & Company

Answer Kansas City provides superior service to the community through our organization.
~ Mike Spaw, Program Manager, Catholic Charities Kansas City/St. Joseph

I really appreciate the way that you manage my incoming calls so that my patients’ needs are met 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Your practice of storing my records in a manner that allows me such easy access to old messages is also of great value to me…
~ Dr. Bob Busetti

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